5th March 2018

Lancôme Uvex, featuring Lily Collins, by Julien Samson.

16th February 2018

Pretties magazine - Issue 31 - Photography by Maeva Delacroix

12th February 2018

"Disney - World of magic" by Misko Iho.

7th February 2018

"Underarmour" by Jansen & Rodriguez.

5th February 2018

"Booking.com" by Crobin.

5th February 2018

"Attica Gas Supply Company" by Charley Stadler.

2st February 2018

"Mitsubishi Pajero" by Ago Panini.

29th January 2018

"In The Starlight" - movie trailer by Mathieu Le Lay.

27th December 2017

"San Pellegrino" by Ago Panini, featuring Huang Xuan.

18th December 2017

"Vodafone" by Ago Panini, featuring Patrick Dempsey.

17th December 2017

"A Sense of Wonder" by Mathieu Le Lay has received the Best Short Film award at 10th Mendi Film Festival. "... a brief visual journey that shows the mountain as a subtle, fluent and dramatic revelation of magic and transcendental moments.

6th December 2017

"Converse" by Jansen & Rodriguez


Disney "Gifting" by Misko Iho.

6th November 2017

Eau de Chloé - Photography by Maeva Delacroix

6th October 2017

Accesories . Bangle Up FW 17 - Photography by Maeva Delacroix

8th September 2017

Lancôme "Advanced Génifique Sensitive", featuring Taylor Hill, by Julien Samson.

5th September 2017

Still Life - Nuxe - Photography by Maeva Delacroix.

29th August 2017

El Corte Inglés - "Quiereteme" by David Vergès.

24th August 2017

T3 Wand by Jasmin Kuhn.

16th August 2017

Cream Silk by Jasmin Kuhn.

10th July 2017

Muskhane - Spring Summer 2017 - Photography by Maeva Delacroix - Model : Christelle Yambayisa

29th June 2017

Personal Beauty photographic work by Maeva Delacroix - Model : Adel Dietrich

27th June 2017

AUDI A4 Avant - "Te diran" by David Vergès.

22th June 2017

Tecno Camon CX by Pol Penas.

29th May 2017

Lancôme "Advanced Genifique Yeux - Light Pearl", featuring Taylor Hill, directed by Julien Samson.