18th December 2015

Ebay "Minions"

20th October 2015

David VERGES signs this awareness campaign against leukaemia "Unstoppable" for Jose Carreras Foundation.


19th October 2015

David VERGES directs this TVC "Be moved" for the European-wide Sony product launch "H.ear On" headphones.

10th October 2015

Here is the 2nd part of the campaign Nutella shot by Ago PANINI. This film entitled "Entusiasmo" is intergenerational, focus on sharing and "joie de vivre"

10th October 2015

Pol PENAS directs Cristiano RONALDO, one of greatest soccer players in the game today, for Herbalife.

10th October 2015

A new short film of Diego CONTRERAS "The Sandman", featuring the Trona, California High School Football team as they train and go through Hell Week in preparation for the upcoming Fall 2015 season.

10th September 2015

Lily COLLINS posing once more in front of the camera of Julien SAMSON for a new film Lancôme "Young Animation".


16th August 2015

David Vergès directed this spot for Airtel South Africa with Yaya Touré. 

24th July 2015

The photographer-director Jasmin KUHN filmed this spot for Cream Silk featuring the actress Heart Evangelista.

10th June 2015

Misko IHO teamed up wih Disney to deliver first Marvel / Star Wars collaboration.

21st April 2015

Tom Wom did this cool fashion film for SOCCX « The women's brand » .