Fernando Mainguyague

« I am Fernando and have been director for many years, living in Barcelona and working internationally nowadays. I was born in Chile but have lived my life so far in Spain. Over time, I have become a versatile director with a special interest in emotionally engaging stories. Emotion takes many shapes as there’s beauty in every film making storytelling a truly inspiring process. One of my definite purposes is to keep this spirit alive. So in the context of such a creative community like ours experience has revealed to me that the success of a particular project is based in good communication. To rationalize our ideas is not the same as imposing our preferences. Films are fragile beings subject to, in many cases, capricious options that do not merit a certain outcome. Nonetheless, collective effort guarantees a balanced union of criteria, and that always transform an idea into a better idea. My final objective is to continue expanding my vision as director. I am conviced this perspective will grow as I participate in new and fulfilling experiences. If I am to embark on new projects with you, perhaps this adventure will be all the more interesting. »