Jasmin Kuhn

Currently based in Los Angeles, Austrian born Jasmin Kuhn is an award winning commercial Director with a portfolio that boats international clients such as Avon, Sephora, L’Oréal, Neutrogena. With nearly 100 commercials under her belt, Jasmin has gained a reputation for her clean and cutting edge style that evokes her fine art, beauty, celebrity, and high fashion photography back ground.
Since graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Jasmin has won multiple awards for her commercial work over the years : « Larenim » and « Sephora » each won Gold for best directing at the SCA Awards; « Leja lips » won Silver at the Telly Awards; She also received numerous Araw Awards for her commercial work in Asia.

Whenever she travels on the job, her camera is like an appendage, an innate part of the being, always focusing, searching for the perfect image, the transcendent moment which inevitably finds its way back to her work.