Julien Samson

Julien is a French director based in Paris. He is passionate and a perfectionist, showing strong artistic direction and a heightened eye for detail. Initially an extreme sports enthusiast, Julien directed numerous films and clips in this context, shooting by himself with film, on mountain tops and out at sea, which taught him technique and gave him an eye for detail. Also during this period he crossed the USA where he discovered the art of photography, before returning to Paris – and the first fashion shoots that naturally led to beauty work. Travel, adventure, and touring the world form the foundation of his artistic discipline. Julien also masters post production, however he makes sure to get as many real life shots as possible – without spurning computer enhancement when needed to make things perfect. Actor direction is another of his strong points. Brand muses love working with him because he knows how to push their limits and make them beautiful. They adore! Film after film Julien sculpts and reveals an esthetic, sensual world which juxtaposes beauty and special effects. He has directed for Lancôme, Dior, Guerlain, L’Oréal…Motto: « I’m a director, I am an actor. I’m supposed to film things that I do not live and still I do live ».