Kosta Glusica

Kosta was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. He grew up in one of the most famous film families of former Yugoslavia. His father is a feature film DOP for more then 40 years, the Managing Director of the Serbian Film School and shot many movies with the international well known Serbian Director Emir Kusturica. After graduating the Faculty of Drama Arts Belgrade, Kosta quickly found his way into the film business. He started his career as DOP and worked on many feature film projects and more then 80 commercials. Since a couple of years Kosta works also as a Directing DOP. Besides his success in the eastern market he became more and more interesting for the international market. His work in advertising has been awarded at major European Festivals. As a  natural storyteller, lifestyle and beauty director who is able to work across genres, Kosta is drawn to intelligent commercial work with great filmic, visual and narrative possibilities that allow for character and performance to imbue each spot with an emotive and human quality.